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The REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band surgery is a reversible procedure that requires no cutting or stapling of the stomach. The REALIZE™ Band is a silicone device that fits around the stomach. The band creates a small pouch that mimics a smaller stomach, therefore gives you feeling of feeling full and eating less.

The REALIZE™ band and port

The REALIZE™ Band is made of strong and flexible silicone. Saline in the balloon controls the tightness around the stomach. The soft balloon fits around the stomach. The tighter the balloon, the smaller the stomach, and the fuller you will feel because the tightness affects how much food you are able to eat. The band's tubing is connected to the REALIZE™ port. It is sutured during the gastric bypass surgery on the left or right side of the body below the rib cage.

Safe and reversible

The REALIZE™ Band is one of the least invasive types of bariatric procedures. The laparoscopic procedure is used to make small incisions. No part of the stomach is stapled or removed. The REALIZE™ band is also reversible through surgery because it does not permanently change the anatomy of the stomach and intestines.

Effective weight loss

You may lose up to an average of 40% or your excess weight within the first year of REALIZE™ Band surgery. Along with a diet plan and exercise, you may lose more and improve your REALIZE™ Band results. Results are not guaranteed and vary among patients. The REALIZE™ Band is intended for long-term use. Commitment is required from you through changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise to make weight loss a success.

REALIZE™ Band risks

There are side effects associated with the REALIZE™ Band. Your body needs to adjust to the band, but if you experience abdominal discomfort or pain that lasts more than three hours, you should contact your surgeon right away. REALIZE™ band risks include the following:

  • Regurgitation, nausea, and acid reflux
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Band erosion or slippage
  • Tubing or port complications, dislocation, port-site infection
  • Leakage
  • Esophageal spasm and inflammation of esophagus or stomach
  • Gallstones if a significant amount of weight is lost

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